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Arik Metzer

Body-mind psychotherapy

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Accompanying emotional processes

I believe that each and every one of us deserves to be happy and feel satisfaction in his life. We all deserve to live prosperous lives, with a sense of capability and meaning.

In the psychotherapy meeting at the clinic, a meeting based on a relationship between the two people in the room, we will create a safe space in which a relationship is built through which we will explore the client's attitude towards himself and those around him. Through joint observation, we will create clarity, security, stability, and meaning to life in an emotional, physical and spiritual dimension.

Main treatment areas

Post trauma (PTSD)

Escorting mental crises

Harm Reduction following the use of psychedelia


Inspiration and perspective

During my work and training in the therapeutic space, I find great interest in working with trauma.

Freud borrowed the term "trauma" from the word wound in Greek τραῦμα, when he wanted to present the injury to the mind as a result of a traumatic event like the injury to the skin of the body. 

This is my point of view on trauma - a wound that can be healed. And even if scars sometimes remain, they are less painful.

From​Gabor Mata (Gabor Maté) I learned a lot about trauma. Matta offers a profound perspective that emphasizes the lasting impact of trauma on both physical and mental well-being. According to Mata, trauma is not defined solely by catastrophic events but is also rooted in the emotional and relational experiences that shape a person's early life. He claims that unresolved childhood traumas can lead to a variety of health problems, including addictions, mental disorders and chronic diseases. Matta emphasizes the importance of compassion, self-awareness and a supportive environment in the process of discovering the profound effects of trauma to restore one's health and integrity.

Carl Jung (Carl Jung), Freud's student, is an inspiration for me in the study of collective consciousness and spiritual work in the clinic. Jung coined the concept of the "collective unconscious", and believed that there is a shared pool of universal experiences and symbols that shape our thoughts, behaviors and dreams. Inspired by him, I see the psychotherapeutic meeting as an alchemical, intersubjective meeting, in which the internal dimension of the patient is unraveled and enables a joint journey of investigation and healing.

AI diagram depicting Jung's worldview

A few words about me

I came to the field of psychotherapy about thirty years ago, as part of my personal journey to growth and healing.

As an information systems engineer graduated from the Technion, I was sent for relocation in the USA for eight years. At the same time as I was involved in the "dot com" bubble in San Francisco in the 90's, I became interested in ancient spiritual cultures. I visited Buddhist monasteries and went traveling in South America, where I was exposed to the work of an artist and to different states of consciousness, which created in me a great curiosity for studying and investigating the hidden, and its connection to the visible.

When I returned to Israel, in 2002, I continued to advance in a variety of positions in high-tech companies - software development, product management, customer management, information security, privacy and ethics. In parallel with my work, I continued to deepen and acquire therapeutic skills with the help of teachers and instructors I met along the way in various settings: four years of academic studies and practicum at the Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority with released youth, master's studies in body-mind-spirit psychotherapy and clinical internship at the "Heart of Sharon" mental health center, where I worked For two years with inpatients in a closed psychogeriatric ward who, due to their psychiatric illness, experience different states of consciousness, and accompanying patients in the hospital's outpatient clinics.


Today, at the clinic in the center of Tel Aviv, I work with patients in Hebrew and English, and also via online video for remote meetings.

Therapeutic Education

  • Has a qualified degree (MA) in integrative body-mind-spirit psychotherapy from the University of Haifa

  • Therapeutic clinical internship at Lev Hasharon Hospital

  • Graduate of Hakomi Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy, Practicum at the Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority

  • Graduated from the MAPS training for the treatment of trauma victims with the help of MDMA

  • A graduate of the annual healing training, based on the course in miracles.

If any of this sounds interesting to you or feels relevant - I'd be happy to chat.

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